Project Updates

For those following my projects, I have a few small updates:

  • Bedside Clock will have an update adding a few new features:
    • Optional AM/PM indicator
    • Optional rounding of the analog time to the nearest 5 minute marker
    • Optionally make the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 indicators larger
  • Footsteps (the little pedometer app) is almost complete

These will be submitted to the App Store for review this weekend. The last updates took nearly two weeks to be reviewed; hopefully these will go faster.

I'm slowly working on the tests and verification of the Parable standard library. Apologue will receive an update once this is complete, to correspond with the first stable version of Parable.

Work on rewriting the Retro Forth kernel using the new assembler has begun. I'm hoping to have this done in a couple of weeks. I've also received a request to add command line argument support to the Ngaro VM. I'll be working on this once the new image is done.

Paipera will get an update later this month (or early August if I fall behind). I've got a couple more translations ready to add, and am working on some UI for searching the texts.

And finally, the Passphrase Generator has a big update coming as well. More wordlists, and some new formatting options to help make it more useful.

So I have a very busy month ahead. Here's to hoping that things go smoothly as the month progresses.

Updates for the week ending June 27

It's been a long week at work (with vacations and illnesses, we've been short staffed), and I haven't done much else. A few small updates:

Things at work should return to normal next week, so I'll hopefully be able to wrap up a couple of things and get back to work on Retro and Parable.

I've been slowly going through the Parable byte code, and am pretty confident that it's working as expected, so I should be able to start work on rebuilding the standard library, testing as I go to ensure that it's working properly. I'm hoping to have the first stable release (1.0?) of Parable by the end of summer.

For Retro, I'll be updating the image, using a newer assembler, and commenting the source in a lot more detail. This should make image updates a bit more reliable going forward. I'm also taking feature requests. On the iOS side, I'm going to see if I can get the file i/o working, which should make it more useful. (This will also allow libraries to be loaded as needed, rather than being preloaded in the image).

Moving away from the programming stuff, commuting to work via bicycle is getting easier. I need to do a little maintenance on the bike before the next ride (some cleaning, and adding air to the tires). I'm pleased with this mode of transport so far. I seem to be pretty consistent at 30 minutes going into work, and 15-20 coming home. No worse than public transit (factoring in walking to the bus or train stops and the inevitable wait), and ultimately much cheaper.

For now, I'm spending the rest of the weekend resting. 

Updating Passphrase Generator

I've had some requests that I expand the passphrase generator to make it more useful for creating memorable passwords rather than just pass phrases. Specifically, the following things have been requested:

  • replace spaces with dashes or underscores
  • add option to include numbers and/or symbols
  • add support for uppercase letters

I will be addressing all of these in the next update. The update will also add several more word lists covering over 360,000 unique English words and some additional word lists in other languages.

Commute by Bicycle (Day 2): Part 2

As before, the ride home was smoother than the ride to work. Again, it took 15 minutes. This time I experimented with gear selection, making some improvement in going uphill. 

Less pain this time. I am slightly more sore than when I woke up, but not raw from chafing. I'm also pleased that I'm not exhausted this time. Still tired, but I'm functional this evening (so far). 

I'll probably take tomorrow off (though may do a short ride in the evening) and take the train to work. On Wedsday I'll bike in again.