Retro for iOS Promo Codes

When I first released Retro for iOS I published a few promo codes for free copies. I'm not sure how many were used, but it seems like a good idea to occasionally publish these so that those who are interested in Retro but unable to afford a copy can still use it.  

Here are five codes for the latest release.

  • J936A7EWJPMR

Accessibility Improvements Coming to Retro and Apologue

After Apologue 1.5 was released, Kiyoshi contacted me with several bug reports. As a result of work on fixing these, Apologue 1.6 (and future Retro releases) will be improved in some important ways.

  • display corruption when using bold text fixed
  • fixed bugs when resizing after changes to the text size preferences under iOS settings 
  • Projects, Editor, Results, Internals views all adjust sizing based on user preferences
  • Bigger default text sizing in the documentation

These are all in the current beta of Apologue (email me or hit me up on twitter if you want access) and will be added to Retro once the currently pending version is approved.

Kiyoshi also found a bug in Parable that was causing incorrect error messages to be displayed when evaluating a line containing only whitespace characters. This will also be fixed in the next release.

Apologue 1.5 Released

I am pleased to announce that Apologue 1.5 has been released.

This release has some minor updates to the Parable implementation (adding . and a text outpub buffer), more UI refinement (much less purple), and support for multiple projects. The settings are now located under the iOS Settings app.

Little Smalltalk: SmallWorld Update

Today I was informed that the SmallWorld implementation in my Little Smalltalk repository is not working on current Java releases. It's been a long time since I tried running it, so this doesn't surprise me. Fortunately there are some options:

Russell Allen has updated his 2007 era fork to work on current Java releases. This has a number of nice additions over the original that I have in my archive and is worth checking out.

The other option is from Eric Scarf. This is built with gradle, and has many changes and refactoring / rewrites. It does still have the turtle graphics which Russell's implementation is missing.

I've added pointers to both of these to the repository. My thanks go to Davide Della Casa for bringing these to my attention. 

Bedside Clock 1.3 Released

I've updated Bedside Clock again. This update makes a few small improvements. 

  • slightly thicker clock frame, hour indicators
  • minor changes to the brightness levels
  • new options (user iOS Settings -> BedsideClock):
    • darker colors
    • 24-hour time

As always, the app is still free, and can be downloaded on the App Store.