The next few weeks...

It's nearly Christmas. I only have one day off work for the holiday, so don't expect to get much done on my projects. But after this we hit New Year's, and I have a four day weekend, so a few things should get done...

I've had a couple of bug reports on the latest update to Retro for iOS; I'm working on fixing these and expect to submit a new build for review shortly after the holiday shutdown of iTunes Connect.

Apologue will be receiving an update in early 2015 as well. This will primarily be a language expansion, adding in a much richer standard library (including some facilities for simulating textual output at last).

Both Retro and Apologue will gain some sort of file management next year to allow for handling multiple projects. (I'm not speculating on the time frame for these yet, but given that I want this functionality myself, I don't expect it to be too far off)

I've also got some work building off Paipera, which will likely be released in the first quarter of next year.


Retro for iOS 1.1 Released

The first update of Retro for iOS is rolling out to the App Store currently.

The initial release was lacking in several areas, which I have taken some steps to fix. (There's still quite a bit that I want to do, but my time is still pretty limited.) So here's the highlights from this release:

  • updated, darker user interface
  • save, load, and restore default image
  • persistent code editor
  • dictionary browser (with support for viewing docstrings)
  • iOS 7 support
  • autopsy debugger included

The user interface has been overhauled. It's now darker, with red highlights. This doesn't make any functional changes, but I find the darker colors are easier on the eyes. (If anyone has suggestions on how to improve this further, I'm quite open to doing more work on this)

A dictionary browser has been added. This pulls in the current global dictionary, and provides quick access to the short documentation strings attached to most functions. (After the release was approved I noticed that it isn't properly handling embedded line breaks; this will be addressed in the next update)

The code editor is now persistent. Every ten seconds it'll save your work, so you can quickly resume where you left off.

Retro now provides the ability to save and reload your current image (compiled functions and data), and also the ability to quickly reload a standard session.

As requested, Retro now supports iOS 7. (As a side note; I don't have any devices running iOS 7, so have only been able to test on the simulator. Bug reports are welcome.)

Finally, this version of Retro now comes with a debugger called Autopsy. This provides facilities for examining the dictionary by function type, looking at the compiled byte code, and stepping though code execution.

Bedside Clock 1.2 Released

Bedside Clock has a new update, available now.

The 1.1 release of Bedside Clock added support for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad. But the old color setting screen didn't scale, so it was removed. Today's release adds a new settings screen which restores the color selector (with a couple of new colors added), and fixes an issue in the sizing of the digital time.

Progress on the update of Retro for iOS

Last night and during the afternoon today I've worked on Retro for iOS. At this point, I'm trying out a darker color scheme, have fixed a couple of bugs, and begun work on the dictionary browser.

This is going pretty well. It shows the global dictionary, and tapping a function will display any attached docstring. I still need to update it a bit to support viewing the contents of other open dictionaries, but this should make things a little nicer. (And I should probably adopt something similar in Parable/Apologue in the near future).

Loading, saving, and restoring of the image is working, but not tied to any UI. This will probably be done in the first half of the coming week.

An on to iOS 7 support. The current builds I'm testing are built to support 7.1, and pass the App Store validation, but I haven't tested on the iOS 7 simulator yet. Hopefully it'll work ok on that once I can get it installed.

I'm going to try to get this submitted for review by the end of the week; so hopefully the first update will be out before Christmas.

Status Update: Week of December 4, 2014

All of my iOS application updates from November were approved and released. This includes two new ones: Kaputi (Tea Timer) and Retro for iOS. I haven't done much development work this week, taking the time to catch up on my Instapaper and podcast backlog. But I did finish work to bring colors back to Bedside Clock (now awaiting review), and started work on the first update to Retro for iOS.

At this point, everything requires iOS 8. I've had a request to add iOS 7 support to Retro, and I think I'll try. There's still a sizable number of people who haven't (or can't) update to iOS 8, and it'd be nice to give them access to Retro. I can't promise that this will be done before the Christmas holiday, but I think the first update to Retro will be out by early 2015. (It will add persistence in the editor, a darker color scheme, saving & reloading of the image, and [if I can get it working reliably] a dictionary browser).